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 +**Advantage and Disadvantage of Tissue Engineering**
 +Tissue engineering is an emerging technology that is intended to improve or to replace biological ​
 +functions. ​
 +Tissue engineering uses a combination of cells, materials, engineering methods and the appropriate ​
 +biochemical factors to improve biological functions or to replace them altogether. The coverage is very 
 +broad in the assortment of applications in the medical science fields. It can be used to replace a part of 
 +an organ or to completely replace the organ or the biological system and it is often associated with 
 +“regenerative medicine”.
 +//Advantage of Tissue Engineering//​
 +Engineering tissues is potential in helping and aiding a person conquers a disease or illness that it may 
 +even be able to cure extreme and mild arthritis in patients. It also has the capability to prolong our lives 
 +and making our quality of lives much better.
 +With tissue engineering,​ burn victims will greatly benefit from the procedure because it helps to 
 +regenerate burned skin. The engineered skin will be an artificial but is equivalent to the living skin we 
 +Currently, scientists are still trying to engineer a working lung. Although, we do not yet have the 
 +technology but sooner or later it will come to that point. One day, the ability to engineer whole organs ​
 +will surely save thousands of lives per year.  Through tissue engineering,​ there won’t be any long list for 
 +organ transplants. We still have a long way to achieve this but surely we will come to that point. One 
 +day, we will realize these goals.
 +//Cons of Tissue Engineering//​
 +Although the cons of tissue engineering are fewer than the pros, but still they are present in the 
 +continuance to improve and innovate the process of tissue engineering. There are two main cons in 
 +Tissue Engineering that are often discussed. The first one is the possible presence of latent or hidden ​
 +diseases or illnesses in the base tissue that can be harmful or could lead to a more potential destruction. ​
 +This is something that the scientists are working very hard to prevent from happening. However, latent ​
 +diseases are very hard to detect with the current technology we have now. 
 +The second con will have to be the ethical issues. Those who have problems with tissue engineering are 
 +discussing the ethical issues and we are hoping that this will not affect and slow down the study of tissue ​
 +engineering. ​
 +In the near future, we might be able to perfect the process that there won’t be any more cons.
 +1. Pros and Cons of Tissue Engineering by Lashan Clarke [[http://​]]
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