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 Read More...[[the_coming_of_regenerative_medicine:​stem_cell_therapy_is_on_it_s_way_quicker_than_expected|]] Read More...[[the_coming_of_regenerative_medicine:​stem_cell_therapy_is_on_it_s_way_quicker_than_expected|]]
 +**Tissue ‘scaffold’ technology could assist in rebuilding large organs**
 +‘Scaffold’ technology is the new tissue that scientists have developed that will enable the engineering of large organs. This research was led by the Universities of Bristol and Liverpool and it has shown that it is possible for cells to combine with a special scaffold to produce living tissue in the laboratory. Hopefully, this can be implanted to patients as a way of replacing the diseased parts/​organs of the body. To this date, the approach is limited to growing small pieces of tissue, as larger dimensions reduce the oxygen supply to cells in the centre. ​
 +Read More...[[tissue_scaffold_technology_could_assist_in_rebuild_large_organs|]]
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